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What is LinkedIn InMail? How to Use InMail on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn InMail? How to Use InMail on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn InMail? How can one communicate via LinkedIn’s InMail? You can directly message another LinkedIn member you are not connected with using the paid feature, InMail messages.


This feature allows you to communicate with LinkedIn members with who you are not connected. If you have a Basic account, the only members of LinkedIn that you can directly message are those you are already connected to.


You will not be able to use InMail messages unless you upgrade to a Premium account. You cannot send a message to a member if they have specified in their message preferences settings that they do not wish to receive InMail communications.


You’re granted a set quantity of InMail message credits based on your subscription type.

Your ‘My Premium page’ will display and show you how many InMail messages credits you currently have available to use.



What is LinkedIn InMail?

With LinkedIn InMail, a paid messaging option, you can contact LinkedIn users with whom you don’t have any existing connections.


The LinkedIn InMail premium feature enables you to send a LinkedIn message to anyone on LinkedIn. In B2B sales, your target audience is likely to be a stranger, such as a company executive. Another option for those in the job market is to actively seek out recruiters and express their interest in specific openings.

LinkedIn’s paying users have access to various extra features, including the ability to send and receive InMails, with the exact amount depending on the chosen membership plan.


This is why you should only use InMail to contact that person. Sending a significant quantity of random InMails is too expensive. Even worse, it could mean running out of money when you need it most.


If the person you sent an InMail to replies to you within 90 days, LinkedIn will generously give you an InMail credit. There’s the possibility that this is due to LinkedIn bragging about how effective their InMails are. This also means that sending an InMail to an appropriately selected group of people carries little to no risk.


How to send InMail on LinkedIn

You can send an InMail message to a member on LinkedIn with whom you are not connected to communicate directly with them. You can send an InMail message to a member on LinkedIn from the introduction section of their profile or by starting a new conversation with that member.

InMail messages can have up to 200 characters in the subject line and 2000 characters in the body.


how to send Inmail on Linkedin


Conditions to use InMail on Linkedin:

• If you are using the Basic(free) LinkedIn account, you have to upgrade to a Premium account to use InMail.

• You cannot send a message to a member if they have specified in their message preferences settings that they do not wish to receive InMail.

• You can message another user for free if they have the Open Profile Premium option on their account.

• It is not feasible to acquire more InMail message credits in addition to the allocation provided each month.

• Premium InMail message credits cannot be used to send InMail messages on Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Recruiter.


Steps to send an InMail message on LinkedIn:

No matter how you use LinkedIn, the procedure for sending an InMail message is always the same. Because InMails are the same as conventional mails, the only difference is that they are delivered to individuals you are not related to.

  • Navigate to the member account profile you’d like to send an InMail message to. You can search for a member from either the messaging page or the chat windows and compose a new InMail message to send to them.
  • Click the More button located in the introduction section of their website.
  • Using the dropdown menu, select Message [Member’s Name].
  • In the pop-up window for the new message, in the Subject field (though optional), type in the subject.
  • Type the message in the text box.
  • Click Send.


LinkedIn InMail Message Credits and Renewal Process

You will receive a new allotment of InMail message credits every month on the first day of your billing cycle. Your initial sign-up date will determine the date your InMail messages credit will automatically renew. This data is viewable on the My Premium page that you have access to.


Please take note that sending and receiving InMail messages requires a Premium account. Any InMail messages balance will become zero when a Premium subscription is canceled.


Any remaining InMail message credits will not be carried over when you upgrade your account. Using premium InMail message credits to send InMail messages through LinkedIn Recruiter or Sales Navigator platforms is impossible.


You are not permitted to send a second InMail message to a member until they have responded to the first message you have sent them. After the InMail message has been delivered, the receiver will receive a reminder from the system within three days.


Every InMail message that has been accepted/declined, or directly responded to within ninety days of being sent will result in a credit being applied to the user’s account.


A pending InMail message isn’t counted as either accepted or declined. As part of the LinkedIn messaging experience, Quick Replies to InMail messages also count as a response.


Linkedin inmail setting



How Many InMail messages can I receive on LinkedIn?

The total number of InMail message credits that are credited to your account each month will determine the number of InMail messages that you receive:

• Premium Career: 5

• Premium Business: 15

• Sales Navigator Core: 50

• Recruiter Lite: 30


You can amass a total of only this many InMail message credits at any given time:

• Premium Career: 15

• Premium Business: 45

• Sales Navigator: 150

• Recruiter Lite: 90

Note that while you can build up InMail message credits from one month to the next, those credits will be lost after 120 days.

The InMail messages compose window will display the number of InMail message credits left on your account, so you can quickly view your current allotment.



LinkedIn InMail Messages – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Difference Between LinkedIn InMail and Message?

If you want to contact another LinkedIn user but don’t want to bother them with a connection request, you can use their InMail feature instead.


Only those who are already connected to you can receive your regular Linkedin messages. Only Linkedin Premium subscribers have access to the Inmails feature.


How Effective are LinkedIn InMails?

LinkedIn InMail is fantastic for communicating with a small group of highly engaged prospects but loses its luster when you need to reach a large audience. When you sign up for LinkedIn Premium, you’ll only receive 5 InMail credits each month on LinkedIn Premium Career subscription.


Can non Premium Members Receive InMail?

If a person’s profile doesn’t have the Premium logo, sending them an InMail is useless because they can’t receive them unless they upgrade. A Premium logo doesn’t guarantee acceptance of paid InMail.


How do you Send an Effective InMail?

You should probably start by explaining who you are and why you’re sending this InMail. If they don’t know who you are or what your company does, explain briefly why you’re contacting them.

Ensure your elevator pitch is short and sweet, and include the “why” in your LinkedIn InMail. Provide some background on why you’re making contact.



How do I know if Someone has Read my InMail on LinkedIn?

Select your user icon, then tap the gear icon. Follow the wires. Select Read Receipts and type indicators from the Messenger menu.


A read receipt is shown when a message has been read, and a typing indicator shows when a reply is being composed. This option is activated automatically.


Disabling read receipts and typing indicators prevent other participants in a conversation from knowing whether or not you’ve read the message and whether or not you’re currently typing a response.


When enabled, your connections will be able to see when you’ve read their messages and when you’ve responded to them. Sometimes, to protect privacy, senders of InMail messages will not be able to view read receipts or typing indicators.


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