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How to Zoom in on Google Docs


How to Zoom in on Google Docs

The default zoom level for many productivity tools you use on your computer is 100%. You can change this setting if necessary.


That amount of magnification could not be sufficient for you depending on how close or far away you are sitting from the monitor and how well or poorly your vision is. If the words on your screen are too big or too small to read comfortably, you can adjust the zoom in or zoom out on Google Docs to make the text appear smaller or larger.


You do have the opportunity to change these settings, which is a blessing; nevertheless, you may have problems locating them.


You will be able to identify the zoom option on the toolbar in Google Docs with the assistance of our guide, which will then allow you to modify it in a manner suitable for your requirements.


How to Zoom in on Google Docs.

The procedures described in this article were carried out using Google Chrome; however, they should also apply to other desktop web browsers.


When using the Google Docs app to view a document, you will gain the ability to zoom in or zoom out once you have completed the procedures that are outlined below:

Step 1: Go to Google coount login page, and sign in to your Google Docs account.

how to zoom in on Google docs


Step 2: Then, navigate to the document you want to zoom in or zoom out and open it.



Step 2: Go to the toolbar located above the document and click the Zoom button. Next, select one of the pre-set zoom levels or manually input your chosen zoom number in the field that appears. Using a custom zoom level, the figure you enter must fall between 50% and 200%.


How to Zoom in on Google Doc on Android Devices

When using the Google Docs app to view a document on Android and iOS devices, you will gain the ability to zoom in or zoom out your document to suit your desires.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch your Google Docs app and sign in.

Step 2: Then open the document you want to zoom in or zoom out and open it.

Step 3: To zoom in, you must place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart to create a “pinch open” gesture.

Note that:

By taking this action, you can quickly expand the page size of the Google Docs you have opened on your Android device.

 Pinch to zoom out and then zoom in again allows you to increase or decrease the size of your Google Docs.

Pinch open your fingers more slowly if you desire an intermediate size. As you pinch the screen to zoom in or out, an indicator shows the current magnification level.


Most Frequently Asked Questions on How to Zoom in on Google Docs

How do you make a Google Doc page bigger?

Change Google Docs page settings: 

Open the Google Docs app on your Android phone or tablet. 
Open a document. Click Edit in the lower right corner. 
Click More in the upper right corner. 
Click Page Setup. 
Select the setting to change: Orientation, Paper size. Page color.

Make changes. 


How do I zoom back on Google?

Zoom in or out on opened page:
Open Chrome browser on your computer. 
Click More in the upper right corner. 
Next to Zoom, select the desired zoom option: Zoom All: Click to zoom in. Shrink everything: Click to shrink. 
To use full-screen mode: Click full screen. 


How do you zoom out in Google Docs with a mouse?

 Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in with the mouse wheel.

Hold the Ctrl key down to zoom out of the browser and move the scroll wheel down.


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How do you zoom in on your Google Docs? Share your thoughts.





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