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How to Share Google Drive Folders


How to Share Google Drive Folders

What is Google Drive? How does it work?

Users of Google Drive have long been curious about how to share Google Drive folders with their friends, coworkers, and anybody else they choose to share them with. This article is sufficient to remedy this issue and demonstrate the easy actions involved in sharing your files and folders with others.


You must have heard of Google Drive, the company’s best cloud storage solution, but how does it work? This article will explain what it is and how it is most commonly used. It will also explain in details how to share Google Drive folders.


Using Google Drive, users can upload and access files from any location in the world. It is a free cloud storage service.


The service syncs documents and photos across all user devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Google Drive works with other Google products and services, including Google Docs, Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, and Google Analytics.

Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and SugarSync are Google Drive’s main competitors.


to google drive


The tool that was previously known as Google Docs is now known as Google Drive. The file storage service in the cloud and synchronization of these with other devices where the Google Drive tool is installed is a unique feature, as the resources are accessible not only on the computer where they were created or saved but also on the internet.


This tool can be downloaded and installed on a computer, a mobile device, or accessed through a web browser.


The following are some of the features of this tool:

Keep Your Information Safe: Each Google user gets fifteen (15) GB of free storage (Gmail account). The files will be safe in the Google Drive storage space even if the computer or mobile device is damaged, lost, or stolen.


Access from any device: The user can access their files from any computer with an internet connection and a browser, sync them with a local storage unit, and share them with other users using this service.


Allows you to share individual files or entire folders with a person or group of people in order to promote collaborative work, such as presenting or building projects and/or jobs or developing new ideas through simple discussions about the content of these files.


You can view a variety of file formats directly from your browser, regardless of whether the software required to view the file is installed on your computer or mobile device; you can view text files, videos, and images, among other things.


Quick Search: This tool makes use of search functions to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. You can use a keyword search or apply filters to find a specific file format.


Access to Google Drive

To use Google services like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sites, and YouTube, you’ll need to sign up for a Gmail account that’s also a Google account. It is vey easy to learn how to Share Google Drive Folders to friends.


login to google drive


How does Google Drive work?

It is a cloud application that includes a number of services because all of the information and applications are hosted on Google’s servers rather than on our computer; this pack functions as a virtual computer.


As a result, you might not need your laptop to work from anywhere on the planet. To complete the tasks, all you will need is a device that can connect to the internet.


To use Google Drive, the user must first create or login to a Google account. The user must then type “” into the browser. After that, “My Drive” will appear, which can contain files and folders that have been uploaded or synced, as well as Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs. The user can then upload or create files on Google Drive using their computer.


Alternatively, the user can download the application to one or more devices from Google Drive. In the file system of each device, a Google Drive folder will appear alongside other folders.


These files added to a folder by the user will be accessible via the Google Drive app or the Google Drive folder on each device.


In Google Drive, once you create a file or folder, you become the owner. After that, the owner can control the level of visibility (public or privately shared with specific Google accounts) and transfer ownership to another user via Gmail addresses.


Using access levels such as “can edit,” “can comment,” and “can view,” the owner can control permissions for both folders and files.


to google drive - how to share google drive folders


Google Drive has even more features.

Google Drive has storage options ranging from 15GB to 100GB.

The Google Drive service is distinguished by the following features:

• Provide a free version with up to 15 GB of storage space.

• Provide subscription options with more than 25 GB of storage space.

• Work with Android, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems.

• Save any type of file, including photos, videos, presentations, and spreadsheets.

• All files should be kept in private mode unless the user makes them public or visible to specific contacts.

• Share work documents with others so that they can be viewed and edited in real-time.

• Provide a secure storage service for files, preventing them from being harmed if the user’s computer is damaged.


Getting started with Google Drive is incredibly easy and, best of all, completely free. As soon as you have a Google account, then you have access to Google Drive by default.


To use it, simply go to Google Drive and sign in with your Gmail account credentials. It’s possible to do so from both the official Google Drive website and one of the mobile apps for iOS and Android.


After you’ve completed the Google Drive login process, you’ll be able to begin uploading files, folders, and documents of any kind to your drive, up to the 15 GB of free storage provided by the platform. 


It’s time to upload your first files to the Google cloud if you already have a Google Drive account.

It can be done on any device. Simply open Google Drive in your browser on your computer and drag the files you want to upload to the Google Drive browser window.


Alternatively, you can use my Drive to upload files or folders and then do one of the following:

• Make a new folder

• You can either upload files or

• Upload Folders.


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Saving files in Google Drive on a mobile device, on the other hand, is a unique experience.


These are some of the steps you need to take to complete it:

On your mobile device, open the Google Drive app.

Go to the location where you want to save the file you’ll be uploading.

Choose the “Upload” option from the “+” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

On the file selection screen, find and select the document you want to upload to Google Drive.

That is all there is to it. Your selected files will be saved to your Google Drive after the upload process is complete, and you can access them from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.


How to Create a Folder in Google Drive

Creating folders in Google Drive is one of the most effective ways to keep your drive clean and organized.

Creating folders on a computer is as simple as clicking on My Drive on Google Drive and selecting “New folder.”


To create a Google Drive folder on your phone, just follow these simple steps:

On your mobile device, open the Google Drive app.

Go to the location where you want to save the file you’ll be uploading.

Select the “Create folder” option from the “+” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now you can give the new folder a name.

You can now upload files to it, move documents from other folders within it, and even make it a shared folder.


Tips for managing Google Drive’s shared files and folders.

Folders in Google Drive are also simple to create and manage. You can make subfolders and share folders and subfolders with other people. You can also sync your Drive folders to your PC and vice versa. People can do the following with folders after you share them with them:

• Can organize, add, and edit files: People who have a Google account can open, edit, delete, or move any files in the folder. Files can also be added to the folder by others.

• Can view only: Users can see the folder and open any of the files within it.

• It may take some time for all permissions to change if you share or unshare folders with a lot of files or subfolders. If you change a large number of edit or view permissions at once, it may take some time for the changes to take effect.

• When managing large folder structures, the permissions of child and parent folders may differ. You can change the inherited permissions of child folders to something other than the default.


How to Share Google Drive Folders

Like the vast majority of cloud storage platforms, Google Drive allows you to share folders and files with other people. To do this, you must obtain a link that you will later have to send so that the people with that link can enter to see the files or even download them.


Share folders in Google Drive on PC

Let’s go over how to share files or folders on Google Drive in general:

1. Open Google Drive on your computer.

2. Navigate to the file or folder you’d like to share.

3. Right-click on the file and select “Share” from the drop-down list.


to google drive - how to share google drive folders:


 4. Fill in the email addresses of the people you’d like to share the file with inside the pop-up window. You can quickly look up their address if they’re already in your contact list by typing the first few letters of their name into your browser.


to google drive - how to share google drive folders


 5. Once you’ve entered the email addresses, a new window will open where you can choose the level of access you’d like to give:

to google drive - how to share google drive folders


 6. Click on “Send.”


You’ve just made a file available to your contacts. They’ll receive an email notification and have the option to accept or decline your invitation. They can then access the file through their Google Drive account.


Share folders in Google Drive with a group

1. Create a Google Group

2. Add members to this Group

3. Open Google Drive on your computer.

4. Navigate to the file or folder you’d like to share.

5. Right-click on the file and select “Share” from the drop-down list.

to google drive - how to share google drive folders


6. In the pop-up window, share the folder with the group.

Group members will have to open the file or folder from an invitation or a link before it appears in “Shared with me.” 


Share folders in Google Drive on Android Mobile

Let’s go over how to share folders on Google Drive on mobile in general.

1. Tap and Open the Google Drive application on your Android mobile device


Pasted 48


Pasted 49


2. Look for the folder you want to share or the file you are going to send.

3. Next to the folder’s name, to the right, tap More  

4. Tap on Share


Pasted 50


5. Type the email address or Google Group you want to share with. 

6. To choose whether a person can view, comment, or edit the file, tap the Down arrow beside the ‘Editor.’


Pasted 51


  7. Tap Send.

An email is sent to people you shared with, and they will automatically have access to the document you have shared.


Other than that, there is an even easier way to share a Google Drive file or folder with anyone with the link. 


To share something with more than one person without entering individual email addresses, you can create a link that allows anyone to open it.

To do this, follow the following steps:

1.Tap and open the Google Drive application on your Android mobile device


Pasted 52


2. Look for the folder you want to share or the file you are going to send.

3. Next to the folder’s name, to the right, tap More Pasted 53 

4. Tap link sharing off. Link sharing will be turned on.


to google drive - how to share google drive folders

 5. Open the same menu again, and now click on the “Copy link” option.

 6. Paste the copied link address in an email, Whatsapp, etc., and share with anyone that you want to have access to the file or folder.


Google Drive is one of the services that are part of the Google One subscription, and although it is possible to use the platform totally free and enjoy the 15 GB that Google offers to all its users, the Google Drive space can also be expanded when you need more space.


However, you can optimize your free Google Drive capacity in many ways to save space. But as your needs increase, upgrading or switching to an alternative program is a necessity.


To access one of the Google Drive plans, you just need to go to the Google One page, log in with your Google account and select the plan whose price best suits your needs. When you’re done, you can enjoy more space on your Google Drive.



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