How to Reopen Closed Tabs on Chrome

How to Reopen Closed Tabs on Chrome

Google’s Chrome is a web browser widely used across various platforms, including personal computers and mobile devices. Chrome has many helpful features, such as tabbed browsing and bookmarks. People favor Google Chrome because it provides a web experience that is quick, secure, and simple to use.

Chrome’s streamlined and uncluttered user interface makes your time spent online more enjoyable and simple to navigate. Shortcuts that launch new tabs or windows provide another convenient means through which frequently visited websites can be quickly accessed. Chrome makes the experience of exploring the web delightful even while using a slow internet connection.


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When used regularly, Chrome is a fantastic online browser that can save consumers time and money while improving their websites’ aesthetic appeal. It also allows those who are blind to use it and gives a fast way to access internet pages even when numerous pages are being seen simultaneously. Chrome is a browser that should be used by anybody who uses a computer or mobile device.


Chrome makes it possible to easily create several tabs, and it also gives users the option to freely navigate between tabs. There are several instances in which you can improve the smoothness of your browsing experience by opening new tabs in Chrome and closing tabs that are not required.


On the other hand, you might accidentally close tabs on Chrome while you are in the middle of reading them. Or perhaps you want to revisit a website you went to the previous week but neglected to bookmark.


In Chrome, reopening previously closed tabs is a breeze, and throughout this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of doing so step by step.


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How to reopen Closed tabs on Chrome

On Google Chrome, you can reopen the most recent tab you closed by right-clicking on the tab bar and selecting Reopen Closed Tab from the popup menu.


how to reopen closed Chrome tabs


You can also reopen the closed tab on Chrome by pressing Control-Shift-T on your keyboard. When you select Reopen Closed Tab more than once or press Ctrl+Shift+T, the tabs closed earlier will open in the sequence in which they were closed.


You can also reopen closed tabs in Chrome by following the below instructions.

Reviewing your browser history can be helpful if you can’t remember the URL or name of a website you closed some time ago but now want to visit again.

1. Launch your Chrome browser, and click on the Chrome menu button(three vertical dots), as shown below.

how to reopen closed tabs on chrome


2. Click on History, and select the exact URL that you want to reopen

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How to Reopen closed Group Tabs on Chrome

If you wish to launch multiple tabs at once in Chrome, read on.

Launch your Chrome browser, and click on the Chrome menu button(three vertical dots), as shown below. Click on History, followed by the group tabs you want to reopen and click on Restore window.

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How to Reopen Specific Tabs in Chrome

If you need to open a previously visited website in Chrome again, you can do so by searching the browser’s history.

Launch your Chrome browser, and click on the Chrome menu button(three vertical dots), as shown below. Select History, and click on History.

how to reopen tabs on Chrome


Keep scrolling down until you find the specific URL that you want to reopen. Click it to reopen the tab.

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Questions that are asked frequently about how to reopen tabs on Chrome

How do I undo closing all tabs on Chrome?
The following is a list of the steps that need to be taken to open recently closed tabs in Chrome for Android:

Launch Chrome on the mobile app for Android.
To access additional choices, tap on.
Choose Recent tabs from the drop-down menu.
You can view all of the websites that have recently shut down here.
Simply tap the URL of the website you wish to revisit.


Why did all my tabs disappear in Chrome?

It is not possible to restore tabs that were opened in Incognito Mode because those tabs do not save any data, and the data is lost once all of the Incognito tabs are closed.

To maintain the confidentiality of the tabs, any data contained within an accidentally closed Incognito tab will be permanently removed.


How do I restore tabs in Chrome mobile?
On Android, however, you can only restore tabs one at a time rather than all at once. You can reopen any tabs you have recently closed by clicking on the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen and selecting the ‘Recent tabs’ option. Once you have done this, you will be presented with a list of the tabs that you have recently closed.


How do I locate tabs that I’ve recently closed on my phone?

How to Reopen Tabs That Have Been Closed Recently on an Android Phone

Launch the Chrome web browser, and then select the menu icon that looks like three dots and is located in the screen’s upper-right corner.

Select Recent tabs from the menu that drops down from the top.

You will notice a list of tabs you have recently closed in the “Recently Closed” section of the screen.


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