How to Put Google Docs in Dark Mode

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How to Put Google Docs in Dark Mode

Google Docs is a free application that allows you to change the font size, the margins around your text, and many other aspects to make the program more user-friendly.

Many probably have no idea that you can switch to a nighttime theme for your web pages. Users can change to a darker theme in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to make the text more prominent and easier to read. While the theme may appear different to the author, only the reader will notice the difference.

Many people prefer Dark Mode, which makes sense if it has many advantages. The purpose of the Dark Mode is to protect the eyes from strain when viewing content at night or in dim lighting.

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However, additional advantages quickly became apparent, such as decreased energy consumption.

The dark mode reduces power usage because it swaps white for black, which requires less illumination to appear.

But it’s not just about money and health; Dark Mode is all the rage on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram, to name a few.

This function was formally supported by only the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

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Put Google Docs in Dark Mode on Android or iOS devices


Step 1. Go to “Settings” on your Android phone

how to put Google docs in dark mode

Step 2. Depending on your phone make, click Display

how to put Google docs in dark mode

Step 3. While under display, click Dark mode/Dark Theme to activate it,

put Google docs in dark mode on Android

Step 4. Activate the Android Dark mode by shifting the key as shown.

How to put Google docs on dark mode

By activating this key, the phone dark mode status is activate. This immediately puts google docs in dark mode.

put in Google docs in dark mode

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How to Put Google Docs in Dark mode in Chrome Web Browser

Google Docs does not include a dark mode on desktop computers. You can, however, enable dark mode with a third-party extension or by modifying the browser’s settings.

And if the aesthetic aspect of the dark mode is what you enjoy most, you can use dark mode in Google Docs all day long.

There are two active ways to enable dark mode in Google Docs on a computer. The following instructions apply to the Chrome web browser and Google Docs.

1. How to Put Google Docs in Dark mode using Chrome Extension

You can switch to a dark theme in Google Docs using a suitable Chrome extension. Implementing dark mode in Google Docs is as simple as following these steps.

Step 1. Launch Chrome web browser on your computer, then download and install the Google docs Dark mode extension.


Step 2. Install and activate the Google docs Dark mode extension.

activate dark mode on Google docs in pc

Step 3. Launch the Google docs you wish to edit in dark mode, click the extensions icon, which resembles a puzzle piece, and then click “Google Docs Dark Mode.”

activate dark mode on Google docs in pc

3. You will see a button, click it to activate the night mode, represented by a new moon icon, and reload the page if it does not change immediately.

activate Google docs dark mode on crome browser

You have successfully implemented Google docs in dark mode on PC, so you can now view and edit it.

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2. How to Put Google Docs in dark mode using Chrome settings

1. Step 1. The first method is to use the Chrome browser to set the dark mode. To do so, open a new tab in Google Chrome and enter the following code: chrome://flags

active dark mode for Google docs on pc

2. Step 2.  Scroll down to Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents, then select and enable it on the right side.

put google docs on dark mode in Chrome

3. Step 3 Click Relaunch to enable Chrome’s dark mode. This turns on dark mode for Google Docs.

relaunch chrome dark mode and Google docs dark mode

google docs in dark mode via chrome browser on pc

Google docs in dark mode from chome' dark mode settings

This has activated Google docs in dark mode via the Google Chrome browser settings.

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Most Frequently Asked Question on How to Put Google docs in Dark Mode.

How do I turn on dark mode in Google Docs?

Turn on Android’s Night Mode

Launch the Google Docs app.

To access the main Menu, click the hamburger icon in the top left corner.

Choose a theme by clicking its button in the Theme menu.

Select “Dark” or “System default” from the drop-down Menu to make the dark theme your default.

Is there a dark mode for Google Docs PC?

There is no option to switch to a dark mode in the desktop version of Google Docs. However, you can switch to dark mode in your browser settings or with a third-party extension.

Can you make Google Docs dark mode on Mac?

Pick the “dark mode extension” in the Google Docs menu. Sliders for dark mode accessibility should now be visible on your screen.

Is dark mode better on eyes?

Switching to dark mode will lessen your exposure to blue light. This reduces the risk of developing digital eye strain from prolonged computer use.

Switching to dark mode may be recommended if you experience any of the symptoms above to shield your eyes and reduce blue light exposure.


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This article will show you how to put Google docs in dark mode. Share your ideas in the comments section.

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