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How to make money by Blogging

How to Make Money by Blogging 

One of the best methods to generate money online is to start a blog. However, it may take some time for traffic to begin to increase. When it comes to the most successful strategies to make money by blogging, everything is dependent on your blogging specialty and the type of readership you have.

It may take some time for you to figure out which strategy is the most effective for you, but with enough perseverance, you will be able to earn a significant income.

There are a variety of options for monetizing a blog. Learn about the various online revenue earning models available, as well as the most common ways of generating money from a blog.

Whether you already have a blog or website (or plan to build one), it is never too late to start earning money from it. There are a variety of options for monetizing a blog. In this post, we will discuss several online income generation techniques and common strategies for monetizing digital material in further detail.

Let us begin with the fundamentals. What is the definition of monetization? “Monetizing” refers to the process of earning money from your website. When you generate income from the online content of your blog, this is known as monetization.

What’s Blogging?


How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 Affiliate marketing is a simple and popular way for beginners to make money blogging. You do not have to have your products or services. You promote other people’s products on your site and get paid if they sell.

Even if they don’t have their website, many new bloggers join affiliate programs. The most exemplary affiliate programs to start with are Amazon Affiliate, Clickbanks, and Commission Junction.

In the case of software, you may create a lesson on how to utilize it (for newbies). So if someone clicks through and buys something, you get rewarded.

You might also write product reviews as content. So do many fashion and beauty bloggers. They’ll post a product review with an affiliate link so their readers can buy it.

Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 Write and Sell Ebooks

If you want to market your products, an ebook is a great way. It’s also a great way to gauge your target market’s readiness to buy.

As a beginner, you can research and publish an ebook on almost any topic, but it is best if your readers are interested in it.

Now you only need to make sure it’s a topic you’re comfortable writing about. It’s also a topic that will persuade your readers to buy from you.

While he works on his writing skills, most new bloggers give their initial ebooks modestly.

Selling a few ebooks will enhance your confidence. You’re sure you’re on the right track. You’ve got buyers interested in you, and you’re ready to move on.

Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 Create an online course

Online courses are the next stage after ebooks. Many bloggers will produce an ebook before creating an online course on the same subject.

Like ebooks, you may create an online course on almost any topic. Of course, it should be a topic that you are knowledgeable about.

Courses can be priced higher than ebooks, but the price will be determined by the course’s depth, your skill, and how well your audience knows you.

You can upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo and share them with your consumers via your website. Course creators usually use simple platforms like Teachable or ClickFunnels. These solutions allow you to both host and sell your courses.

If you decide to sell on Udemy, the firm will help you create and sell a course.

Promote your course using email, social media, and your blog. Promote your business in groups and forums with potential students.

How to Make money by Blogging

The following are online business methods you can utilize to make money from your blog:

1.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs are another excellent way to generate income from your blog.  The concept is straightforward: you insert an affiliate link in your blog post.

make money by blogging - affiliate marketing

If a visitor clicks on this link and purchases something from the connected website (for example, from an online shop) or registers for something (for example, a newsletter or a competition), you will receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money by blogging. This is the practice of inserting a link to a product or service offered on another website in the text of your blog.

What is the procedure? You receive a commission in exchange for a user clicking on a link on your blog, visiting the affiliate website, and purchasing the offered product.

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This can be a realistic business model for bloggers who have a large number of regular readers who are looking for product recommendations. Informational, how-to, and lifestyle pieces provide a plethora of options for affiliate marketers to advertise products.

In truth, affiliate marketing is still a cost-per-action (CPA), with the action being a purchase. As a result, every time a reader purchases one of the things you recommend, you will receive a commission.

Because of its simplicity, it is one of the ways of monetization that many bloggers favor over others. You are not required to develop any of the items, and you only gain from referring customers to third-party companies.

Some of the best Affiliate networks include:

Amazon Affiliate – The Amazon affiliate program is probably the most well-known and well-liked affiliate program among bloggers and website owners and for a good reason. It is also a good choice for new bloggers because it is very simple to include partner connections into your website or blog.

Amazon also sells products from virtually every industry and region. Unfortunately, the commissions are low compared to the competition, and the cookie duration of one day is not exceptionally long.

In order to earn more commissions and advertise merchants other than Amazon on your site, the most straightforward option is to join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction. 

• Clickbank – Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks, with over a million members.
Clickbank is a well-known affiliate network that serves as a marketplace where marketers can display their items, and bloggers like you can select the ones they are interested in marketing to their readers. This is a sure way to make money by blogging, and it works for both new and experienced bloggers.

It is not only about selling physical items that membership organizations exist. You can also offer digital things, such as online courses or software, through your website.

For example, if you run a site on diet and healthy living, you could search Clickbank for online weight-loss courses that appeared to be legitimate (the ideal is to do them first to validate their quality).
You may then promote this course on your site using an affiliate link, allowing you to earn commissions from visitors who join up due to your recommendation.

• JVZoo – The JVZoo affiliate program is a massive network with over 800,000 active affiliates. They specialize in digital information items, and the types of offers you find on their site may be comparable to those on ClickBank.

JVZoo is a network of affiliates and vendors. One unique way to make money by blogging is through affiliate marketing. JVZoo role is to facilitate partnerships between each affiliate and vendor, with as little interference as possible coming from above the fold.

As a result, suppliers have a great deal of flexibility in constructing their offers and choosing which affiliate partners to work with.

JVZoo is a fantastic affiliate network to get your feet wet with. It is beginner-friendly, which means that joining and being a part of the network isn’t as tough or frightening as it would be with other large affiliate-networks of the same caliber.

There are a lot of affiliates and digital products to choose from on JVZoo, like there are on ClickBank. If you have a website that sells MMO or Make-Money-Online products, you should check out what JVZoo has to offer as well. It can help you make money by blogging.

Rakuten Advertising is a company that advertises on the Internet.
One of the numerous affiliate networks focused on tangible product offers, such as high-end clothing, and accessories. Rakuten Marketing is one of these affiliate networks. People who blog can make money by blogging while promoting this affiliate program on their blogs.

The emphasis on tangible commodities does not imply a restriction on the number of options available. This affiliate program has attracted more than 1,000 advertisers that sell a diverse range of products through its network.

• Commission Junction – CJ Affiliate is well-known for having an affiliate dashboard that is simple and easy to use for its affiliates. It’s simple to narrow down the products on this page by category, serviceable area, language, currency, and so on.

This makes it extremely straightforward for you to select the greatest things to promote in a short time and with no effort. With this, you may easily make money by blogging.

Beyond having a long and established history in affiliate marketing, CJ Affiliate claims to have a vast choice of products to advertise, thanks to their network of over 3000 merchants (give or take).

When promoting a series of products or an entire product line, most affiliate networks supply affiliates with a single link or code to market it. As an affiliate publisher for CJ Affiliate, you have the option of promoting specific products from certain merchants on your blog.

• GlobalWide Media is a media company that operates on a global scale.
GlobalWide Media connects people looking for traffic and leads with those who can direct them in the right direction. They have a fantastic reputation in the industry.

People have expressed great satisfaction with the help, communication, commissions, and integrity of their network.

Affiliates of GlobalWide Media have the benefit of working with a professional account manager who can advise them on the many affiliate offers and campaigns that are available to them through the network.

The site provides a diverse range of options for users to pick from and promote in their blog and make money while blogging, and it is well-known for paying correctly and on time.

• eBay Partner Network – The eBay Partner Network is fairly similar to the Amazon Associates network in terms of its operation. Many products are available for you to promote, and you have the extra advantage of eBay’s credibility: people are aware that it is safe to make purchases on the eBay marketplace.

It is simple and painless to become a member of eBay’s Partner Network. They don’t require you to have tens of thousands of visitors to your blog to participate.

You’ll have access to a diverse range of products to market, and you’ll be supported by eBay’s strong online reputation, just like you would with Amazon. This way, you may use your blog to promote ebay stuff and make money by blogging.

It is simple and painless to become a member of eBay’s Partner Network. They don’t require you to have tens of thousands of visitors to your website to participate, but you must have one.

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2. Advertising

To make money from your blog, you have to advertise on it.

Putting advertisements on your website or blog is the most effective method of earning money from your website or blog. Advertising can provide a reliable source of money for bloggers who publish content on the Internet.

make money by blogging - advertising

Advertisers are eager to spend money to obtain exposure to their target market. In the same way that a high-circulation newspaper may charge its advertisers a higher rate, the more popular your website and its content, the more money you will be able to make.

One option is to directly provide advertising space on your website to businesses who wish to have their products or services shown alongside your content, which is referred to as a “direct offer.” Another option is to get an ad network (such as Google AdSense) to sell advertising space on your blog.

There are several ways to make money by blogging, and each of them has a different ad strategy.

• Google Adsense – When it comes to contextual advertising, Google AdSense is a major participant. The platform enables publishers to monetize their online content and visitors by making it reasonably simple to display appropriate contextual advertisements on their websites, which increases their revenue.

Since its inception in 2003, Google AdSense has amassed many active users, numbering in the millions. However, despite the platform’s apparent success, it does have some limits of its own.

Using Google Adsense to monetize your blog has been one of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money by blogging using their websites for many years.
In reality, with the correct focus, quality content, and a well-engaged audience, your website can create a substantial amount of income.

You must first sign up for a Google account and submit an AdSense application before you can make money by blogging with Google AdSense. It may take up to a few days for Google to assess your site before approving your request.

AdSense displays advertisements that are related to the content displayed on a given page of your site. In exchange for each time a user views or interacts with this advertisement, you will be paid by AdSense as the owner of the website or blog where the advertisement appears.

As a result of the capacity to display relevant online advertisements tailored to each blog’s content and audience, many advertisers are ready to pay a premium for ad space on these blogs.

There are many additional advertisement networks that are interested in paying you for the privilege of showing their advertisements on your blog. Some of them are:

• – is a major competitor to Google AdSense and a market leader in contextual advertising, according to the company. When compared to Google AdSense, generates significantly more revenue per thousand impressions served (RPM).

The audience of is targeted through the use of search terms. Because of this technology, ads that are more relevant to the user are more likely to be clicked on.

You will also have access to Yahoo! and Bing search results, which is a significant advantage over other search engines. You will enhance your advertising revenue and gain from a vast and diverse search market if you use the platform.

Among the many benefits of using is the extensive selection of design options that are accessible. Ad layouts can be adjusted to match the color scheme of your website. 

• Adcash – Adcash enables you to include a variety of ad kinds, ranging from pop-under ads to regular display advertisements. Another advantage of Adcash is that it provides coverage throughout the world.

Because the platform delivers advertisements in 196 countries, even if your website is based outside of the United States, you may still monetize your content and traffic regardless of where you are physically located.
An additional advantage that you will receive is Adcash’s Anti-Adblock Technology.

In other words, website visitors who have their Ad Blocker turned on will still be able to see advertisements on your website or blog. This occurs as a result of Adcash’s ability to circumvent adblockers to increase your revenue and enable you make money by blogging.

• Adversal – Adversal is another simple-to-use ad-serving platform that allows you to put up native ads in a matter of minutes with little to no technical knowledge. Ad campaigns may be started, stopped, and paused with the platform’s simple interface, making it straightforward to manage your ads.

Adversal allows you to integrate video, display, and native advertisements into your blog or website content. There is also a default tag management system in place, which filters advertisements and helps to avoid various types of fraud.
Keep in mind that to register for an Adversal account, your website must achieve at least 50,000-page visits each month. 

Adversal is another simple-to-use ad-serving platform that allows you to put up native ads in a matter of minutes with little to no technical knowledge and enable you to make money from your blog. Ad campaigns may be started, stopped, and paused with the platform’s simple interface, making it straightforward to manage your ads.

There is also a default tag management system in place, which filters advertisements and helps to avoid various types of fraud.

• Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser is the final advertising network on our list of AdSense alternatives, and it brings our list to a close. It is yet another reputable and dependable ad network that specializes in assisting publishers in monetizing their content on the Internet.

You will be able to target advertisements based on geography, keywords, and distribution channels with Bidverstiser.

You have the option of customizing the ad layouts to match the look of your website. When it comes to compensation, you’ll be compensated for each advertisement click. All of the Bidvertiser’s ad formats are optimized for mobile viewing.

They feature the following options: Native advertisements, banners, pop-unders, smartlinks, and sliders are all examples of display advertising.

Be informed that before you open an Adversal account, your blog must have received a minimum of 50,000 page views every month. In addition, your website must have its domain name to be considered.

• Propeller
Currently, Propeller Ads is used by over 150,000 publishers worldwide, and it has been serving these sites for more than eight years at this point. Propeller Ads provides a unique 24-hour moderation service to ensure that you do not receive any spammy-looking advertisements.

As a result, you’ll only see valid, relevant advertisements, and you’ll even have the option of getting around the majority of ad blockers. This has the potential to improve your revenue by up to 20% with relative ease.

To get started, visit the website and register for an account, after which you can begin pasting shortcodes into your website to begin earning money.

• Taboola – Taboola is one of the most extensively utilized alternative advertising platforms, with a 100% fill rate in any geographic location and a host of fancy features, including sponsored product listings, in-feed units, and more.

To effectively use Taboola, you must first utilize Google’s’sponsored’ search section, then distribute your content over social media and networking websites (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like), and finally publish it on your website or blog. While everything is managed from a centralized dashboard, a minimum page visit of 500,000 is required to get the process started.

• Ezoic
In addition to providing publishers with access to thousands of ad networks, exchanges, and advertising partners, Ezoic also incorporates different sophisticated ad technology with our core monetization offerings. Ezoic is a Google-certified publishing partner.

Ezoic’s monetization solutions also make it easier for publishers to access and traverse sophisticated and premium ad operations, thanks to their user-friendly interface. And the best part is that it is accessible to anybody. There is no requirement for coding or technical knowledge. Ezoic is compatible with any content management system, web server, or website configuration.

These are just a handful of the various advertising networks available for you to choose from and use to earn money while you blog.

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3. Product Deals: Sell products to generate income from your blog.

Aside from affiliate marketing and advertising, selling physical things through your blog is an excellent way to create cash because the margins will be higher than with affiliate marketing and advertising, and you will not be restricted by the number of visitors your blog receives.

make money by blogging - Products

Many blog owners link with e-commerce platforms in order to monetize their websites. They then construct online stores and begin selling things, which can be either physical or digital. To use an example, the proprietor of an adventure travel site might consider selling t-shirts with their brand on them or digital guides to exotic destinations.

The readership of a blog is their most valuable asset. Everyone wants a steady stream of (possible) clients if they’re regularly visiting your blog via search, social media, or email list. To make money by blogging, you may consider setting up an online store on your blog.

Dropshipping’s allure rests in the fact that you don’t have to buy large inventory quantities to make sales. You don’t buy anything unless you’ve already sold it to someone else. If you already have a website, you can easily and for free add hundreds of products.

People interested in your brand will almost certainly want to purchase your items or books if you have a really strong one. You will have little success if you do not do so.

However, the most significant disadvantage is that, as a general rule, you will be responsible for storing the products and shipping them, which will incur additional costs and hinder this kind of monetization from becoming a reliable source of income (which is what is interesting of online business).

Whatever your items are, whether they are tangible or virtual, you will need to set up a payment processing system to collect payments. Selling physical products necessitates inventory storage, shipment organization, and tax and duty management, among other things. Because digital products are transported electronically, they may necessitate less complex logistics than physical items.

Printing books, handmade products, third-party products, and other physical products are examples of physical products marketed.

4. Provide services: Charge a recurring fee to increase your cash stream.

Providing your services is one of the most effective methods to begin earning money with your blog once you’ve built some authority in your field.

All you have to do now is think about the services you might provide and how you could present them. If you had a photography blog, you could make money by charging people for your services as a photographer. If you have a personal development blog, you might consider offering coaching sessions via Skype or email to your readers.

The key is to establish yourself as an authority figure through the content you produce. Over time, you will gain more knowledge about the subject, and you will eventually find a large number of people who are willing to pay for your services or advice.

The trade-off is that it is not a passive system in the traditional sense of the term. Each new customer you have will mean an income, but it will also necessitate a strong dedication on your part, restricting the number of clients you can have.

5. Sell Digital Goods – Make money in your Blog by Selling Digital products

If you have an audience and have managed to establish enough trust with the contents of your blog, you have a wonderful opportunity to sell your own digital products.

make money by blogging - Digital Products

This is probably the most profitable way to make money from a blog. And my favorite. You minimize commissions, bypass intermediaries, and remove physical distribution costs. Additionally, you may transform it into automatic passive income, allowing you to generate money even while sleeping.

The process of developing your product, on the other hand, takes time and attention, in addition to a solid sales strategy.

• Digital books are one example of a digital product.
Sales of your e-book are a terrific way to get started with automation in the sales process. Once the system has been written and prepared, you can completely disregard the rest of the process.

Instead, if you are unsure how to handle payments and downloads of the e-book on your site, you can use services such as E-Junkie to sell books in PDF format, or you can put the e-book up for sale on Amazon.

• Online courses are available.
Unquestionably the most lucrative type of monetization available today. Once an online course is established, it costs the same to sell one as it sells two hundred copies of the course. It has very low creation costs and virtually no distribution expenses.

In the form of videos or downloaded papers, an online course can be combined with an automated sales system, such as a series of emails sent through Sendinblue or Active Campaign, to generate a substantial amount of passive revenue for the creator.

For example, when someone subscribes to my personal development blog, a series of emails is sent to them in response to their action. During the first few days, you will receive emails with free information of value to help you establish trust. After a week, you will receive an email introducing the premium video course if you decide to enroll.

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6. Subscriptions: Charge a monthly or yearly subscription to increase your revenue stream.

If your blog has a thriving community of readers who are interested in learning more about your subject, the subscriptions or paid memberships model is another option for monetizing your unique content and generating long-term income from it.

According to this business strategy, readers make periodic payments of a defined amount (usually monthly or annually). The subscription or membership fees collected from those readers can be used to generate a recurring source of income, allowing you to create a more stable, predictable, and accurate income stream.

In exchange, you can provide members or subscribers with premium content, a community area, learning resources, films, more tools and services, and additional tools. This set of pieces can also be combined in various ways, depending on the requirements of your blog.

7. Sponsored Posts – Earn money with the use of Advertorials and Sponsored Posts.

You are compensated for posting job-related articles on your blog. These contributions are linked to the client’s website or the website of a cooperation partner one or more times.

Sponsorship is another unique way to make money by blogging. Product reviews on various goods and services are a common way for bloggers to earn good money.

Sponsored posts (sometimes known as “collaborations”) are blog articles, social media postings, or a combination of the two that a company pays to have published on its website. This is the location where the company’s products or services are introduced or shown. It is good way to make money by blogging.

As soon as your website begins to receive a significant amount of traffic or authority, you’ll begin to receive inquiries from people who are eager to pay you to publish stuff they have written on your blog.

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8. Training: By using training content on your blog, you can monetize your blog.

If your blog qualifies to offer training services, you can create courses or training packages that you can sell online and charge a fee for.

make money by blogging training

You can allow your blog users to move forward at their own pace by providing them with self-contained learning materials, such as videos or e-books that they can download. As users advance through your course, you will be able to gather information about their interests in other topics, which you can use to create new material connected to their interests.

Developing an online curriculum can take a significant amount of time and resources upfront, which is why you will want an engaged audience to see it through to completion.

Another method for increasing your income is to provide live video training and charge a fee for your services.

Whether your offering is focused on online courses or on-demand training, you can provide contact options with your students through email or a website blog. This is a unique way to make money by blogging.

It would help if you kept in mind that there are numerous ways to make money from your site. You can master a monetization strategy for your blog, or you can experiment with different sources of income until you find the ones that work best for your company’s specific needs. Visit our blog for more information on monetizing your website or blog.

9. Professional Directories – Earn money by establishing professional directories.

If you have a blog on a topic with many professionals, you can create a paid list of them organized by specialty or geographical location and then sell it to others.

This is the concept behind it: If a professional wants to be listed in your directory, they can do so by paying a fee. The greater the popularity of your site, the greater the number of people who will be prepared to pay to be included on the list of professionals you recommend.

If your blog is on psychology, you may build a directory of psychologists to link to from your site. For example, a law blog may list several lawyers, and a graphic design blog may also list several graphic designers.

Creating a list of this type is a straightforward process. There are WordPress plugins that will automatically configure them to accept payments for your products or services. Additionally, readers can rank each of the professionals who appear using rating systems integrated with the blog.

10. Sell your blog – You can earn money by selling your blog. 

Most bloggers have difficulty parting with their creations, but there may be times when selling your blog, even if it is profitable, is the most advantageous option for you.

It is possible that you may decide to develop a blog with a completely new theme, that you will be unable to devote sufficient time to it, or that your professional life will take a drastic change. Alternatively, you could use platforms such as Flippa or Empire Flippers to put your blog up for sale in that case. 

make money by blogging  - sell blog

On these pages, you can purchase a variety of different types of websites.

If you want to make money from your blog or make money by blogging, you must be proactive in promoting it and making it visible to your target audience so that they are aware of its existence.

It is critical that you understand for whom you will be creating your content before you begin. That is, who is your true target audience, and what problem will you be able to assist them with? You will also be able to determine where he can be found on the Internet in this manner.

Last but not least, dedicated bloggers invest in themselves. Trying to learn everything for free will take far longer than if you focused on a few premium courses and got started generating money much sooner than I did.

If you want to stay up to date on blogging and make money by blogging right away, there are a lot of different courses you can take. It would help if you kept yourself updated regularly.

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