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How to Delete Page From Facebook

How to Delete Page From Facebook

Your company page on Facebook can be deleted from the Facebook server if you’ve built duplicate pages for it and it is no longer in use. As a page administrator, you can delete page from Facebook.

Facebook business pages can be deleted without affecting your profile. You can do this directly from the business page you want to deactivate.

How to dele page from facebook

For various reasons, businesses of all types appeal to Facebook. With 2.91 billion active users every month,

The vast reach of the social media platform makes it a great marketing channel.

The network permits users to share photos, videos, opinions, and other material on their profiles and pages. If you have created many pages for your business or an old page that is no longer active, you can delete it from the Facebook server.

You can delete Facebook pages using both desktop and mobile applications.

However, ensure that you are an administrator of the page you attempt to delete. Otherwise, the “remove” option will not appear on a Facebook page.

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Delete Page From Facebook 

The Facebook page is an essential tool for business promotion and other uses. However, you may be required to delete page from Facebook for various reasons, including flagpole issues. Similarly, you may need to completely erase your Facebook company page if it has become outdated and out of style.


how to delete page on facebook

Here, we provide step-by-step guide on how to delete page from Facebook through your desktop or mobile device.

What you must understand before clicking “Delete page

  • You must be the administrator of your Facebook business page to delete it.
  • If you’re unsure about deleting a page, consider unpublishing it. You can publish it again whenever you like; no data will be lost.
  • If you delete your page and then change your mind within 14 days, you can reactivate it. Additionally, the page is accessible to the public for fourteen days.


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How to Remove a Facebook Page on Your Desktop

If you’re sure to delete your Facebook page permanently, here’s how to do it from your desktop:

Ensure that you are the administrator of the page you wish to delete.

Launch your Facebook feed and select “Pages” from the menu on the left.

Select the page that you wish to delete.

Click Settings, which can be found at the bottom left of your dashboard.

delete page from facebook

Select the General tab and then click “Remove Page.”

delete page from facebook

delete page on facebook

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ClickDelete” [Name of Your Page] and then click OK.

delete page on facebook

That is all. Your Facebook page will be accessible for the next 14 days, after which it will be erased permanently. If you wish to reverse the deletion, you have 14 days.

If you’re concerned about your page’s visibility—that is, if you want it to disappear immediately from public view—unpublish it before removing it.

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How to Delete Page From Facebook on Mobile 

You can quickly and swiftly delete page from Facebook on your Android mobile device. Follow the below steps:

1. Open your Facebook app.

2. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper right corner to access the menu.

facebook page deletion

3. Click on Pages.

delete page from facebook on mobile

4. There will be a list of your Facebook pages. Click on the entry you wish to remove.

Click Settings.

facebook page

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5. Select General.

delete page on facebook

6. Click “Delete [Your Page] permanently.”

delete page on facebook

You can also unpublish your Facebook page in the area below titled “Page visibility.”

Facebook will ask you in the “Delete Page” section whether you’re sure you want to delete your page.

delete page from facebook

 7. Click the Delete Page button, and you’re done!


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How to Undelete a Facebook Page

Users cannot go more than an hour without checking for new notifications or friend requests on the Facebook platform.

A user’s Facebook account could be deactivated, temporarily banned, or deleted for various reasons. But if you’re wondering whether deleted Facebook accounts can be recovered, the answer is yes. The answer is, indeed, yes!

delete page from facebook

Although Facebook has frequently said that the Page Deletion step is irreversible, we have repeatedly observed Facebook reinstating pages. Many businesses and non-profit organizations have regained their pages after a negative campaign resulted in the deletion of their Facebook pages.

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Within 14 days of deleting a page, it is possible to retrieve it if you choose to restore it. Facebook provides this restoration option to assist users in making careful selections. You will be asked later whether to delete the page permanently. 

Contact them by email: Yes! If you have a severe case, Facebook is pretty accessible. Numerous significant corporations have reached out to Facebook and had their pages restored. The email address is, and it must be sent with the subject line “Please help restore my Facebook Page.”

If you regret removing your Facebook page within 14 days after initiating the deletion, you can try to retrieve it. This is possible because when you delete your Facebook page, it doesn’t go away immediately. Instead, it goes into “deletion mode.”


Visit the page that will be taken down (do this within 14 days of starting the process!).

In the lower-left corner, click Page Settings.

Click Cancel Deletion at the top of your page.

Select “Confirm” and then click OK.

I hope these two approaches will help you recover your deleted Facebook Page.

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How to Prevent Your Facebook Page from Being Deleted

There is no guarantee that you will be able to retrieve your Facebook page after deletion. Why not avoid entering into such a circumstance in the first place? I’ve told you the essential things you need to do to run a Facebook page. The rest can be done by following the social media giant’s rules.

how to delete page on facebook

If you are in charge of a tournament, the regulations can wear on your nerves since you may be incapable of following them all, which can result in a penalty.

You may believe that Facebook erased your page for no reason, but you violated one of the site’s policies. The only solution is to host the contest on your website or blog and then post a link to it with a disclaimer on your Facebook page.

Avoid uploading content protected by copyright, i.e., content you do not own. It has become standard practice to steal the work of others and pass it off as one’s own. If you follow this trend on your page, you will find it disabled sooner or later.

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Important Tip: Do not rely on your Facebook page to market your brand or manage your business; you will have to start from scratch if it is ever disabled. Ensure that your business is set up on other social networks so that your clients may still reach you even if your Facebook page is deleted.


Facebook pages are pretty valuable for business needs. However, difficulties may also emerge there.

Your page will become dormant if you have a Facebook page but lack time to publish updates. It is recommended that you erase your Facebook page. It will become dormant if you cannot post regular changes to your page. In the interim, individuals will lose interest in your page and begin unfollowing it. Having an idle Facebook page is useless, so you should deactivate it.

How to Delete Page From Facebook Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I delete a Facebook page?

The fact that a user is not an administrator of the page is the most common explanation for why they cannot delete a page.

If you are an admin of the page but still can’t delete it, it’s possible that another admin of the page cancelled the deletion of the page before the 14 days were up. This would explain why you can’t delete the page.

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Can you instantly delete a Facebook page?
Simply deleting your page requires a click on the “Delete” button. When you click the “Delete” button, the page you worked on will be permanently removed from the website. There are no other confirmation buttons or prompts.

How do you delete page from Facebook on mobile?
As you described in this article, you can delete page from Facebook mobile app by following the steps below:
1. Launch the Facebook app on your Android device.
2. Tap the button that looks like three lines and says choices in the upper right corner.
Proceed to the pages.
3. Choose the page that you want to delete.
4. To adjust the settings, press the gear button.
5. Choose the General option.
6. Select Delete [page name] from the menu under Remove Page.
7. Tap the Delete Page button to confirm your action.

How long does it take to delete a Facebook page?

The following steps should be taken if you wish to delete page from Facebook that you have created:
Navigate to your page, and then click the “Settings” button.
Within Settings, navigate to the General Tabs, scroll down to the bottom, and then select “Remove Page.”
After clicking “Delete [Page Name],” select “Ok” from the drop-down menu.
And that wraps things up!

It’s important to remember that it could take Facebook up to two weeks to turn off your page.

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What happens when a Facebook page is deleted?

When you delete a page, it cannot be recovered. You will not receive any email confirmation from Facebook once your account has been deleted. At the appointed time, your page will simply no longer be accessible.

What’s the difference between deactivating and deleting Facebook?

The most important difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account is that you can reactivate a deactivated account later, but you can’t get back into a deleted account again.

How to delete a Facebook page you cannot access?

If you are the administrator of a Facebook page, you are the only one who can delete it. Therefore, if you cannot access the page you wish to delete, this indicates that you are not the page’s owner and that you are unable to remove it because of this.

Get in touch with Facebook’s customer care if you own a Facebook page but cannot log in to the account you used to create the page.

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