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How to Clear Chrome Cache. Tips and Tricks to Save Time While Browsing

How to clear Chrome cache


How to Clear Chrome Cache. Tips and Tricks to Save Time While Browsing

To clear Chrome cache regularly is one first steps you need to take in resolving issues with your browsing. If you’re having problems with your Chrome browser, one of the first things you should try is to clear your Chrome cache.


Your web browser uses a “cache” to store previously downloaded web pages so they can be displayed more quickly. However, this can become problematic during times of website development and maintenance, as files stored in the cache may contradict what is coded into the page.


By erasing all of your browsing history in your Chrome browsers, you may ensure that any problems you’re seeing are attributable to a problem with the website itself and not to browser-specific difficulties.


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What is a Cache?

A Cache is a name given to a temporary storage region that stores the most recently downloaded web pages in the computer’s memory or on the disk itself.

clear chrome cache


Caching those Web pages in memory enables you to quickly open the same page without the need to to download it from the web again when you browse from one Web page to another. This saves you time.


Images, text material, HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the resources most frequently found in a browser’s cache. The browser cache is a comparatively modest database compared to the several different types of databases used for websites.


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The cached page’s date is compared to the date currently displayed on the web by the browser to ensure that the most recent page is presented.


If the Web page has not been updated, the cached version of the page will be displayed straight away. A new copy is downloaded, shown, and stored in the cache if the Web page has been modified.


When you close the browser session, the pages that have been cached are saved to your computer’s hard drive. The space that will be used for the cache, which is a disk folder and the duration of time that it will keep the pages stored can be configured in your web browser’s settings.


A cache is any piece of hardware or software that records and saves data at an intermediate location to facilitate the user’s speedy retrieval of that data later.


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There are many kinds of caches, including browser cache, distributed server cache for high-volume systems, application cache for logging website HTML, data cache for content management systems, cache gateway, proxy cache, and many more. A cache can be used for storing information temporarily.


When you go to a website you’ve been to, you’ll have a better user experience because your browser cache will have saved elements from the websites you’ve visited in a database. This will make page load times faster (especially if your internet connection is slow or non-existent) and give you a better user experience overall.


The following categories of web resources will be stored locally in your browser’s cache:

  • The data and assets of a website, which may include written content, photographs, videos, and scripting files, make it simpler for the website to load more quickly in the future and enable choices for viewing some elements of a website while offline.
  • Web application documents significantly improve the effectiveness of page presentation in an offline situation.
  • A value or activity repeatedly occurs on the website, such as automated login credentials or abandoned products in a shopping cart.

Preferences unique to an individual user for usage on particular websites or the internet. For instance, you can adjust text size, typographic style, colour scheme, and browser zoom.


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How Google Chrome’s Cache Storage System Works

The content that the Chrome browser needs, most likely from a website, is communicated to the web server by the browser. This is what we refer to as a request.

At the same time, the database that our Chrome browser stores, known as the browser cache, is being searched. Check whether any data from the requesting website has been cached in the past (kept inside the cache).


If the content that has been requested is not already stored in the browser’s cache, then it will be obtained directly from the web server. This kind of thing is known as a reaction.


If the requested content of the cached version can be located, the Chrome browser will bypass the server and retrieve the content directly from its local copy rather than sending the request again.


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Not only must the cache save all of the appropriate information for the sought-after website, but its contents must also remain fresh. Because practically all cached material comes with an expiration date, the browser may notice the cache contains outdated information.


Because the website’s material is updated frequently, it would be irresponsible to keep a record and provide it to consumers. The result should be that the web browser only shows content highly similar to what is found on the active page.


In general, a browser will use its cache whenever it contains data from the requested website, and that data is not outdated.


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Why is it necessary to Clear Chrome Cache?

You probably won’t even be aware that the cache on Google Chrome is operating unless something goes wrong. It operates entirely in the background and, in most cases, will not have any impact on the browsing experience you have. But errors are possible in everyday life.


For instance, you might have recently updated something on your website. However, because your browser is still displaying the cached version of that resource, you will not be able to notice the update that was made. Alternatively, the cache might have become corrupted somehow, preventing a web page from functioning as it should.


Because of these reasons, the first thing you should do if you run into a problem on your site (or on the site of someone else) is to clear Chrome cache and reload your browser.


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Although it does not always solve the issue, it is a crucial first diagnostic step to complete before jumping to the conclusion that a more complicated fault is to blame for the problems.


If you don’t clear the cache before using local web development tools like MAMP, you can run into an error saying, “This site cannot guarantee a secure connection.” You’d be shocked how frequently what you believe to be a “major” error on a website is simply a cache issue that disappears as soon as you clear the cache in your browser.


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How to Clear Chrome Cache

To clear your cache in Google Chrome, click the icon that looks like three vertical dots in Chrome’s top right corner. Look down, click More tools, and then click Clear browsing data in the drop-down menu.



Then select the check box, select the period that you wish to delete(Last Hour, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks, and All time).

Click Clear data, to clear the cache in Chrome.


Ensure that the only box to be checked is the one labelled Cached pictures and files. You can erase your browsing history or select a more comprehensive cache clearing that considers cookies and other site data. Both of these options are available to you.


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The Quick and Easy Way to Clear Chrome Cache with a Shortcut

The “Clear Browser cache” option in Google Chrome is the quickest way to clear off the data cache that is stored on your computer. You can access this function by using the shortcut that is listed below:

Please press the [Ctrl], [Shift], and [Delete] keys simultaneously. Make certain that you push all of the keys at the same time.


Then select the check box, select the period that you wish to delete(Last Hour, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks, and All time).

Click Clear data, to clear the cache in Chrome.


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How to Clear Chrome Cache on Android

For the Chrome app:

1. Launch Chrome app on your mobile device

2. To see more options, tap More in the upper right.


3. Select History from the menu displayed.


4. Select a time window at the top. Select All Time to remove everything permanently.

Check only the box close to “Cached images and files.


5. Click the “Clear data” button to clear Chrome cache accumulated with the period.


The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Should I Clear Chrome cache?

Some information from the websites you visit is stored in the browser’s cache and cookies. Fixes issues like slowing down or stuttering various websites when cookies are cleared.


How do I view Chrome cache on Android?

Chrome’s settings may be accessed by opening the browser, tapping the menu button (three dots), and selecting Settings. Click the Site Settings menu and then the Stored Data submenu. The websites and their cached files will be displayed on the new page.


Where is Google Chrome cache file?

If you hit Windows-R, navigate to “%LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser DataDefaultCache,” and click “OK.” Once the cache window has opened, you can locate the folder under your user account by clicking the address bar.


How often should I clear my cache?

Clearing the cache of your Android app is an excellent first step to resolving speed difficulties and freeing up space.

Remove the most space-hogging programs’ caches if you need additional room. To have your phone running smoothly and efficiently, you should clear the app cache about once every few months.


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You have to clear Chrome cache to gain the benefits of a faster internet browsing experience when using Chrome as your browser. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this matter. Please write a comment below, sharing your views and opinions.






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